Opened in 2016 Sophianum is the first officially recognized anthroposophic healthcentre in Hungary. Our doctors and therapists work together offering integrative medical care in the spirit of Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman’s work. We also organize programs, trainings and conferences aiming to fulfill both at medical as at social level our mission of bringing the healing impulse of anthroposophy into the World.

The Sophianum’s first 20 months in figures:

  • 4 Anthroposophic Medical Doctors
  • 13 Anthroposophic Therapists
  • 1 dr. Hauschka beautician
  • 6 part-time collaborators and consultants
  • 258 sqm in the unique organic building situated in the centre of Budapest with:
  • 4 medical and therapy-rooms
  • a social space and a lecture-room
  • 2.600 medical-therapeutical individual consultations
  • 500 patients
  • mentorship, intervision and trainings for doctors, therapists and teachers
  • 120 programs in the field of spiritual science and applied anthroposophy
  • more then 5.000 visitors
  • 3 AnthropoSophia Days – a full-day program with 1.500 visitors organized at the MOM Cultural Centre
  • supporter of ELIANT
  • collaboration with the Anthroposophical Society in Hungary and in most neighboring countries, as well as with all national anthroposphy-based organizations, trainings, institutes, publishing houses
  • member of the Hungarian Waldorf Association
  • cultural programs, exhibitions
  • more than 1.500 anthroposophic books sold in the first year
  • 100-150 biodynamic cosmetic products sold in a month

According to our business-plan the Sophianum will become self-supporting in 3 years time. Until then we need support in the form of:

  • medical equipment
  • books
  • donations

And even more important: we are searching for medical doctors who could come for a longer period or on a regular basis to work in our Centre in order to professionally support our team, as well as those colleagues who finished the training in anthroposophic medicine and need more practical inputs in order to begin working as anthroposophic doctors.

Contact: dr. Anna Tóthfalusi, +36 20 775 08 68,



Our Teammembers who work also in foreign languages. For the other MDs and therapists we can ensure translation.

Dr. Szidónia Papp – Anthroposophist Medical Doctor (works also in German, English)

Dr. Trásy Gábor – Anthroposophic Medical Doctor, Pediatric Doctor (works also in German)

Ágota SárközyPressel massage (works also in German and Italian)

Dr. Anna Tóthfalusi – Biography and Destiny Work (works also in English, Italian, French, Romanian)

Éva Ujváry – Painting therapy by Lianne Collot and Artistic Therapy by dr. Hauschka (works also in English)

Rita Bakony – Curative Eurithmy, Pressel massage (works also in German)

Edit Szilágyi – Rhytmic massage (works also in English)

Rita-Cecília Rácz – Speachtherapy (works also in German, Italian)

For info and appointments please contact: +1 5999 039 or

Interested in finding a new spiritual path that unites scientific back-ground with the concept of Karma and reincarnation? Involved or seeking for a process of self-knowledge and self-fulfilment? Looking for a different way to live your life, raise your children and responsabily take your part in a community?

Ever heard about Anthroposphy? Maybe Waldorf education? Anthroposophic Medicine? Rudolf Steiner?

If the first answers were “yes”, then it does not matter if the followings were “no”: our place is meant for you!

In the centre of Budapest there is an island of silence where you can

  • just walk in, sit down in the beautiful tea-room and read a book or a newsletter
  • take part in artistic, craft-work or movement lessons both individually or in group: our therapists do speak some or even more of the following languages: English, German, Italian, French, Romanian (as you can see in the list bellow)
  • have a consultation with an anthroposophist MD or therapist
  • receive personal support from a team working on anthroposophic basis in a specific life-situation like pregnancy, personal or professional crisis etc.
  • take part in Parents&Toddlers groups where the accent is on respecting the children’s needs while offering an interesting learning and exchange opportunity to the adults as well
  • receive guidance and support with your baby or child
  • enjoy artistic programs both for adults and for children






as developed by Liane Collot d’Herbois

14 – 19 August 2017

“From viridian to violet, the colours behind the light“

with Roland Tiller

at Sophianum, Budapest, Hattyú u.14

Fundamentals of the painting seminars with Roland Tiller are the research results by Liane Collot d’Herbois. She developed the knowledge of colour from J.W.v.Goethe and Rudolf Steiner further to a deeper spiritual understanding and practical use in painting. This seminar is aimed to all interested people in colour, advanced and beginners in this kind of painting.

More about Roland Tiller you will find here:

Registration and Information:

Adrienn Tóth, Phone: +36 20 4988442

Content of the course:

In the center of this week are all the colours behind the light: Turquoise, Cobalt, Ultramarin, Indigo and Violet. As a surprise there will also appear a colour in front of the light!

In the first two days through working with charcoal, the forces of light and darkness will be intensely experienced. Light and darkness, as primal principles, are creative forces. From their mutual interaction movement arises. This movement is visible as colour.

Four days we will work with colour. In the beginning the colours will be painted as a coloured atmospheric movement. The atmosphere, the air, is really the home of colour. There the colours appear almost entirely free from dense material substance. This appearance of the colours in the air is brought about through the working of light and darkness. In the painting process with the gradual building up of the colours, layer by layer, form and motives gradually appear in the work.

We work daily from 10 – 13 and 14 – 17 clock.

Participation fee:

Registration before July 14th 2017, 200,- € inclusive materials. After July 14th 250,- €.
Registration is confirmed after the deposit of the registration fee of 50,- € at the account mentioned below and the sending of the application form. The remainder of the course fee (course fee minus registration fee) can be paid in cash at the beginning of the course.

When the course is cancelled the registration fee will be returned. When a participant cancels the registration fee will not be returned. Registration in sequence of arrivals.
Number of participants is limited.

Account number: IBAN: HU44101038362670840001003005  BIC/SWIFT: BUDAHUHB


“Freedom of Choice” – the third AnthropoSophia Day in Hungary, dedicated to support ELIANT

Saturday, 6th of May, from 10 AM to 6 PM at the MOM Kulturális Központ, a well-known cult venue in Budapest we are waiting for all visitors who are familiar with Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science and applied anthroposophy, as well as for those who are searching for new paths in living more consciously, taking personal responsibility in their choices, living their own freedom and respecting those of others, getting united and take action when this freedom gets threaten in whatever sense or field.

Similar to the first two editions that had around 1.500 visitors each, this time too a rich program fills in the whole Centre: theater plays and music performed by Waldorf students, parents and teachers, short medical conferences held by doctors and therapists of the Sophianum Centre for Anthroposophy, personal advises and possibility of making direct experience with some therapists, children’s room with activities, fairy-tales and music as well as fairy-tales for adults, round table discussions and interactive workshop on the theme: Freedom of Choice, books, products and much more in an atmosphere of joy and openness.

Our key-note speaker is Gerald Häfner, the leader of the Social Sciences Section at the Goetheanum, former MP at the German and the European Parliament, founder – between others – of the German Green Party and of Democracy International. His lecture (starting at 11 AM) with the title: ” Acting for the future in a World shaken by tensions and crises” will be picked up in a Social Art Workshop. Along with Takáts Péter, representative of the Anthroposophic Society in Hungary and further guests we will explore with the participants new ways of “doing anthroposophy” and putting it in service of a broader network that seeks answers to the challenges we are facing not only in Hungary but all over the World.

Between the stands of anthroposophic publishing houses and other initiatives visitors will find during all day the ELIANT stand where Katharina Offenborn and Hungarian Eliant activists will be able to inform the public about the Alliances’ initiatives and collect signatures on the latest petition.

Photos of the previous edition and a short film about the first one in 2015 are to be seen here, on our web-page and on the dedicated FB page too.

The participation to all programs of the AnthropoSophia Day, on the 6th of May, is free!

Organizer: Sophianum Centre for Anthroposophy.

To see our activities and services please continue reading bellow.



About the Sophianum…

The initiative launched by the founders of the Sophianum Centre for Anthroposophy undertakes, as its core mission, to transmit the spiritual essence of anthroposophy and to evoke new values. Their aims are to raise awareness about and to bring into the public domain the anthroposophical work accomplished in the previous century by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, which to this day possesses a creative force and is increasingly radiant; as well as to develop and provide a sustainable example of anthroposophic healing treatments within an institutional framework, for the first time in Hungary.

A space has been opened to serve as a port for Hungary’s scene of anthroposophy. It is an easy-access location in the heart of Budapest, in one of Hungary’s most beautiful organic buildings, the Swan House designed by Ervin Nagy. The Centre, filling in a niche, offers outpatient services in-line with anthroposophic healing, and works as a domestic and international network of contacts and cooperation. It thus has the potential to grow into a regional information hub and a major contributor to the dissemination and familiarisation of anthroposophic values, traditions and achievements.

The Centre, well reflecting its founding concept, rests on three main pillars, as in the architectural planning stage we have designed three interrelated, nevertheless separate, spaces.

  • Spiritual mission and its physical space: the Sophianum Conference Centre which boasts a smaller (40-person) and a larger (100-person) auditorium, along with a library and a visual arts gallery, all suitable for smaller or larger-scale conferences, lectures, workshops and events. We welcome the anthroposophical fields of social sciences, healing, pedagogy, arts, architecture and economy. Furthermore, anthroposophical literature is to be brought to public attention through sale and lending of works as well as on-site reading of Hungarian publications, while by launching our own publishing activities. The annual, off-site, tradition-establishing AnthropoSophia Day has achieved these aims with a wide public involvement. Prior to this the anthroposophical community in Hungary had lacked a place seating a hundred people, neither had it offered a comprehensive programme presenting the palette of areas further developed within anthroposophy to the general public.
  • Social domain and its physical space: the Centre’s central area faces the main entrance and the front of the building. It features a reception area with shelves for books, newspapers, magazines, a small refreshment counter and an anthroshop selling anthroposophic preparations and organic cosmetic products. The area’s primary function is to encourage and develop connections with and among our visitors and to serve as a source of information. We undertake the task to enable contact and kindle co-operation among the national and international representatives of intellectual and of anthroposophical scenes. At the same time, recognising the potential inherent in an entrance onto the street, we intend to draw enquirers into the Centre. Hungary has not had any easily accessible open spaces with regular opening hours for anyone to simply enter for a discussion, a meeting or just to read about anthroposophy.
  • Healing work and its physical space: the Sophianum Medical-Therapeutic Centre contains two offices for medical doctors and two rooms for therapeutic treatment. The Founders have established a centre for anthroposophical outpatient treatment with six anthroposophical doctors and ten anthroposophical therapists within an official institutional framework. Such a centre of anthroposophic therapy where doctors and therapists co-work in a medical practice community within an official framework is a novelty in this country.

It is important to emphasise that the Centre, with its inviting front entrance from a busy street, has the potential to grow into a vivacious and open institution that anyone can enter to simply looking around. The Centre’s three areas of mission and the architectural structure reflecting these lend themselves to attracting interested parties of all kind. Anthroposophists will be drawn in by lectures, events, forums or books. Those seeking physical or mental health will come for the medical and therapeutic services, while lay passers-bys may pop in to enjoy a delicious cup of tea surrounded by the atmospheric pictures in the Napút Gallery. The Centre thus offers a location for encounters, meetings and networking.

The Founders established two Companies at the turn of 2014/2015 to meet these goals. The Kardia Anthroposophical Foundation is to fulfil the foundation’s conceptual goals, to organise and oversee the medical, educational and pedagogical events and activities that are of public benefit. The Sophianum Antropozófiai Nonprofit Kft. is mainly the investment of developing the Centre and overseeing its operation.

The Companies and the Founders possess 60 percent of the necessary funds to launch the project and cover the associated start-up costs as part of the 2015 plans. We intend to raise the remaining 40 percent through donations, sponsorships and applications for grants. As a result of preliminary negotiations 7 percent will be at our disposal by the autumn of 2015. The five-year financial goal for 2016-2020 aims at the Centre to become self-sufficient in order to ensure consistent operations.

The initiators have actively been involved since 2000 in the anthroposophical movement in Hungary and abroad, participating and assisting in the realisation of anthroposophical teachings, conferences, events, associations, foundations, publications and organisational activities either individually or in co-operation with others.